At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we are not like everybody else. We do things our own way. That, we believe, is the reason why we’ve grown from one brick-and-mortar store in 1995 to a successful global brand with almost 1,000 stores in 30 different countries across three continents.

We’ve done it by staying true to our values and focusing on our mission; to inspire people to spend more time with the ones they love, making the things they care about happen. That’s because, to us, real value lies not in the things we own, but in the experiences, we share – and that our products help create.

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we love to put a smile on our customers’ faces. And we do it while having fun in a fast-paced and informal atmosphere, where there is room for differences and diversity, where teamwork and creativity is key, and where personal responsibility and strong-willed commitment is how we work.

Working with us means having the freedom to get involved and to influence decisions. Here, we’ve created a space for ideas, for innovation, and for people who generally have an interest in other people. There is no pre-written script for a career path in Flying Tiger Copenhagen – you get to write you own. Add to that a pinch of quirkiness and you have the recipe for original, colourful, fun and own-designed products and the special Flying Tiger Copenhagen experience that gives our customers the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed – without having to spend a fortune.