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4C Offshore

4C Offshore is a leading consultancy and market research organisation targeting the offshore energy markets.


We are an independent marine consultancy providing risk analysis to the marine, energy and subsea sectors.

We combine the commercial knowledge needed for market and supply chain understanding with real world highly qualified offshore technical expertise.

With a full-time dedicated team of supply chain analysts, mathematicians, forensic researchers, vessel experts and programmers, we understand the market and its dynamics.


  • Advice and consultancy
  • Risk assessment and mitigation services
  • Offshore marine project management
  • Data analysis, quality control and reporting for offshore marine projects
  • Business and market intelligence
  • Map-based Information System development

4C Offshore provides

  • Submarine cable engineering, Route engineering, Project assurance, Project management
  • Risk evaluation and management, Marine operations and planning, Insurance, warranty and claims support
  • Expert and technical support to commercial and legal teams
  • Global Offshore Wind Farm, Global Wind turbine, Windfarm Service vessels, Maintenance and Construction vessels, Subsea cable and GIS mapping Intelligence Service.
  • Bespoke reports, experienced and qualified research team specialise in monitoring and analysing the offshore wind sector.

Our Vision

4C Offshore is the leading market intelligence organisation targeting global offshore renewable energy markets. We are a marine consultancy with a specialist focus on submarine electricity cable providing advisory, management and owner engineering to the marine, energy and subsea sectors.

With a combination of in-house developed tools and systems, a dedicated team of analysts, researchers and sector experts, we shall provide you with comprehensive understanding and insights of the market and its dynamics.

– Chris Anderson, CEO 4C Offshore Ltd

Our Mission

To provide offshore energy market information and advisory services to global clients operating in and around the offshore wind, subsea power cable and related support industries.

To remain the authoritative source of information, advice and expertise within its disciplinary areas to the offshore energy sector.

Provide best of class engineering consulting services to the subsea power cable investors, developers and leading actors.

Underlying these services is a core competence in subsea engineering, seabed, water column, environment, managing, researching, analysing, advising and presenting information to achieve the best of outcomes for customers.

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Corporate member
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Wilde Street
NR32 1XH
United Kingdom
Industry sectors
  • Energy/Environment/Clean-Tech
  • Offshore Energy Intelligence and Submarine Cable Installation Consulting
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