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A Close Shave helps companies train, engage, onboard and motivate staff effectively using social psychology, spaced repetition and gamification to ensure results.

A Close Shave was established in Copenhagen in 2003 and our social knowledge sharing platform, Academy, was developed in 2011. 

With HR tools, custom made training courses, user friendly news flow and gamification elements, Academy seeks to improve employee retention, motivation, knowledge sharing and overall company culture.

On Academy our clients can ensure top of mind on new products, prepare all staff for upcoming campaigns and much more. HQ and local management can monitor progress, follow up with staff, and create surveys on everything from employee satisfaction to the theme of the Christmas party.

Academy is an all-in-one communications platform that brings staff training, communication and social interactions together – on both web and mobile. A thriving business is dependent on happy, confident employees functioning as brand ambassadors for the business – exactly what we aim for at A Close Shave.

Only three months after launch of their system, FynBus could report a drop of 50% in driver related passenger complaints, while HiFi Klubben has saved two full time administrative positions due to knowledge sharing on the platform. 

With offices now in Copenhagen, London and Berlin, and a portfolio of international clients including Bang & Olufsen and MASH Steakhouse, A Close Shave is ready to help even more businesses tap into their most valuable recourse: their employees. 

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