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Aarhus Business College - Educating, engaging and empowering students for a global future.

Founded in 1865, Aarhus Business College is the oldest and one of the largest business colleges in Denmark. 

The main activity of Aarhus Business College is to offer national vocational and business education, and training programmes in Denmark and abroad.

Our students must have strong competencies to meet the requirements of the globalised world, and by preparing our students for a future where cultural awareness and language skills play a crucial role and by providing our students with the opportunity to work as trainees abroad through the work placement abroad programme (PIU/Praktik I Udlandet), we boost their future career options. Our goal is to offer a one-year traineeship abroad to 50 students every year within one of the four business fields:

1. Commerce
2. Administration
3. Retail 
4. Finance

Most students express a strong wish to do their training in London – the city that has always spellbound generations of young Danes – and Aarhus Business College is developing a network of companies in London that share our interest in training and educating tomorrow’s global workforce.

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