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Biites is a premium video channel hub that lets viewers enjoy high quality sponsored video and film.

At Biites you’ll always find gripping, funny and informative films and series. Biites is a platform where you can be entertained and learn from the most successful and interesting brands in the world. 

The company was founded in Denmark by Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen and Helle Jabiri Falck with the purpose of creating a premium destination that showcases the best of brand-produced content.  Who better to tell a story than the most successful global brands who obsess about their product or service every minute of every day.

www.biites.com is free for all to watch and as a brand you can display the best of your videos on the platform as well. Reach out to us for further information at sales@biites.com

Contact details
Vandtårnsvej 62A
1st floor E, no. 20
2860 Søborg
+45 51 95 98 00
Industry sectors
  • Marketing/Multimedia/Communication/PR
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