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cBrain is a software company listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic.

For government, unions and private knowledge firms who seek to increase efficiency, work transparency and employee satisfaction, cBrain offers the integrated F2 software suite: a highly effective tool and a fast track to digitize all workflows, knowledge processing, records management and communication, including social media, while supporting PCs as well as mobiles/tablets.

cBrain F2, a revolutionary and highly effective tool. For the digital transformation of knowledge work
Supported by strong customer references, cBrain F2 provides organizations with a new way of getting work done, based on a proven fast track to digitize all work and knowledge processes while supporting everybody from youngest employee to top executives including Permanent Secretary, Minister or CEO.
cBrain F2 is more than an automation tool. It has proven to be a digital enabler for organizational development, as the transition to paperless workflow influences work culture as well as how people collaborate and share knowledge.
cBrain F2 was initially developed for core governmental departments and has now evolved into a general solution for governmental agencies, municipalities, and universities as well as private organizations. Today, 8 Danish ministries have implemented F2, including the Prime Ministers Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as multiple agencies. In the year 2011, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Climate and Energy received the Digitization Award due to the remarkable efficiency gains they have achieved based on their cBrain F2 implementation.

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