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DANIAS is a non-profit association that works to improve the economic development of Denmark through a strengthened relationship and collaboration with global Danes.

Our mission is to retain and extend the professional ties between Danes abroad and Denmark, and to engage global Danes in strengthening Denmark’s exports and innovation, talent attraction, and nation branding.

Exports and innovation – global Danes have valuable local knowledge and networks, and are an overseen resource for Danish businesses seeking to explore new markets outside of Denmark.

Talent attraction – global Danes are well placed to brand Denmark as an attractive country to live and work in, and to create international awareness about job opportunities in Denmark.

Nation branding – most global Danes feel proud about Denmark and are prepared to help promote Denmark’s good stories and business strongholds internationally.

A digital platform connecting global Danes and Denmark

The DANIAS community platform generates new business connections, opportunities, and ideas that will benefit Danes all over the world.

DANIAS was founded in 2019 by Copenhagen Capacity, Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Export Association, The Danish Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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