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We stand on the shoulders of over 130 years of history, filled with tradition and innovation, and have a vision of delivering climate neutral production by 2050.

At Danish Crown, we continually strive to improve what we do – from farm to fork – so people around the world can enjoy tasty meals, with full confidence. We have roots back to 1887 and the Danish cooperative movement, so responsibility towards society, employees and our owners, the farmers, is part of our DNA.

Being a global leader in sustainable meat production is a big responsibility. Not only must we deliver the goods, we must also constantly explore new possibilities. We still have a long way to go and many challenges ahead. But we are determined to find better ways to produce food – with respect for livestock, people and the environment. On the road to our goal, we are ready to challenge ourselves, the sector and our customers.

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Danish Crown UK
57 Stanley Road
M45 8GZ
United Kingdom
+44 161 766 1144
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