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Headquartered in central London, DMA is a world leading convener of large scale investment events for governments of emerging and frontier economies.

DMA is a multi-service development consultancy. The company was established to ‘help money flow into the world’s emerging economies’ through a number of vehicles including investment summits for sovereign governments.

Since 2007, DMA has generated over US$15 billion in new investment and capital flows into developing markets at its events, hosting over 300 heads of state and cabinet ministers at more than 120 summits, forums, roundtables and investment missions.

For the private sector, DMA advises and helps companies with market entry into emerging and frontier economies.

In 2015, DMA registered DMA Invest to focus on trade and investment in frontier and non-traditional markets.

DMA is viewed as the market leader in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion for emerging markets and island economies and maintains a large network of 5000-plus institutional and private investors, with interests in all key sectors and regions. Moreover, DMA’s extensively researched investment reports draw on the most up to date economic indicators at the time of writing; provide in-depth commentary and analysis on a country’s key sectors and best practices on FDI attraction; and always carry the full support of the government they are produced for. DMA’s clients have included over 50 governments, the World Bank, IMF, DfID and a number of IFIs.

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