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IPM Global: Industry experts specialising in the management of moving your employees across international borders.

We live in an ever changing and fast-paced world, with unprecedented challenges at every turn. The world of work has changed dramatically, and more so since the global pandemic. However, thanks to digital advancements, the global workforce is more connected than ever with businesses and its employees now being able to work from literally anywhere across the world either in the same office, multiple offices or fully remote in a different country.

Allowing employees to move across international borders can be a daunting and complicated minefield which requires a solid “Global Mobility” strategy – this is where IPM Global can assist. 

So, what is Global Mobility?

Global mobility allows businesses to relocate their workforce from one location to another. The process looks at the tactical and logistical issues of

  • Relocation
  • Technology
  • Legal and tax compliance
  • Complete support for family issues and dependents

Having a strategy in place ensures the smooth transition from location A to location B. Global mobility can also assist with talent development and workforce strategy.

 What services do we offer? 

IPM is the unique partner of choice for companies wanting to develop, manage and support its already established mobility programs or any businesses yet to embark on its Global Mobility journey and who aspire to enter the world of the global workplace. We achieve this by offering tailored services delivered through our teams’ extensive knowledge of, and expertise within the industry.

We can collaborate with clients covering the full end to end service provision utilising our leading technology solution or on individual elements of the service.

Our work includes,

•           IPM’s Global immigration service incorporates risk management and compliance solutions to safeguard your business against unnecessary fines and negative publicity caused by employees engaging in unlawful activities.

•           IPM’s Global compensation service is provided through our own bespoke tax software. This is updated and maintained internally – thus we have access to accurate tax and social security information as and when this information is required.

•           IPM’s Compliance service assists with transferring employees overseas as with international assignments, or even when employing staff abroad, it is critical to have a solid grasp of global pay procedures. In addition to income, various employee benefits should be precisely considered i.e., additional leave allowance or local national holidays.  IPM will ensure full compliance is met in all aspects of tax, social security, and immigration, protecting the reputation of companies and its employees.

•           IPM’s Global Talent Management enables us to provide clients with clear, concise, and accurate guidance which is of paramount importance. We aim to provide advice and assistance on every aspect of the assignment process on behalf of clients from the initial stage to completion of the full relocation journey.

•           IPM’s Relocation services considers the range of factors such as cost, logistics, and legal requirements to make your employees relocation successful. We deal with home and school searches, international healthcare, cultural and language barriers, tenancy and lease agreements, removals, assignee contacts and partner support.

In addition to the above we can also offer a complete consultancy service for your business. IPM’s Consultancy services enables us to assist you in identifying the roadblocks, developing a winning strategy, and provides you with the support and guidance you need to reach your business goals by offering a range of services that will give you peace of mind.

Why IPM Global?

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering a strategic and professional consultancy service to clients, IPM Global prides itself by listening and guiding you and your employees through the entire mobility process, by ensuring it constantly delivers a seamless and fully transparent service enabling you to have full control over the costs. 

Our client base is vast including FTSE 100 companies and their equivalents in Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. Our offering expands over 160 countries globally and we can assist clients with technical and advisory support. Our process includes risk management and compliance services preventing illegal working and protecting the company from penalties or reputational damage. Our people are our greatest assets, as we as an organisation have a set of values which are fundamental to everything that we do – we expect our people to act with integrity and respect, and to build effective long-term client relationships based on doing the right thing. Our service model is based on people supporting people. We are the safe pair of hands that delivers compliance and consistency across the end-to-end mobility process. We ensure that your assignees arrive in their new destination ready to go and endeavour to remove the GM hassle from the HR function.

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