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“I created ISH after I decided to do a 100-day alcohol-free challenge.”

During this time I realized there was an absolute need to turn the tables on the social norms of drinking. I wanted to provide an alcohol-free option for those who don’t always have the desire to drink alcohol, but appreciate the social aspects of enjoying a cocktail.

ISH is this alternative for the athlete, the pregnant woman, or the designated driver. It’s for those who can tear up the dance floor sober,  and for those who simply want to wake up with a clear head on a Sunday morning. Realizing people craved the same familiar flavors, I created GinISH and RumISH, so we can all still mix our favorite cocktails with no alcohol, or low alcohol, but most importantly – without compromise. Cheers!

What is ISH?
ISH Spirits is a Danish brand on a mission to make it easy for mindful drinkers to lower their alcohol intake – without compromise. Today ISH produces a range of alcohol-free spirits, with a wide pipeline of new innovative products in the making. Current flavors include award-winng GinISH and RumISH which mirror the flavors of typical gin and rum, simply without the alcohol. Made from extracted natural botanicals and without any sugar, ISH is a natural product. 

“We are on a mission to change the social norm around drinking. By providing a satisfying, alcohol-free alternative, we include the ones who doesn’t want to drink or simply wish to limit their intake in social gatherings, where alcohol typically is the focal point.”
– Morten Sørensen, Founder

 Our Botanicals and how we do it
Our alcohol-free spirits are made from natural ingredients such as juniper berries, vanilla, and nutmeg – the same ingredients you’ll find in a typical gin or rum. We’ve carefully extracted the aromas from these natural botanicals and spices and, with proprietary recipes, combined the ingredients to obtain the familiar flavors you recognize, as an alcohol-free alternative to classic spirits.

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