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Jessie Frahm

Jessie joined the Danish-UK association as a part of the small corporate membership and has since 2019 been a part of the Council of Young Professionals, representing the group as a full member of the board of the Danish-UK Association.

Through a career in advertising she has roots in the creative industry where she has been developing global brands both on a strategic level as well as production of large scale, integrated campaign work. Since 2018 she has been leading a startup business helping clients setting up sustainable, tailormade, content studios right inside each client’s business and supporting overflow production of content.

“Being passionate about business and brand development in an ever changing digital world, I am excited to be able to bring this knowledge into the Danish-UK Association where I will be honored to let our network lean against my industry knowledge.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Jessie, if you have any queries.

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