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Kongsgaard Gin

We bring a gin to the table that looks to the categories past, as much as the future.

Build around a base of extremely smooth wheat spirit of the highest possible quality, KONGSGAARD GIN has a definite juniper presence, mixed with natural botanicals inspired by the woods. With a botanical line up, taking root in the structure of a tree, we have tasting notes all the way from seed, root, bark, branch, flower and fruit. It is a highly complex liquid, that can be enjoyed neat and in the classic gin cocktails. 

Using local Danish apples as a key botanical and changing the sort from batch to batch, is one of the things that really sets us apart.  The apples are at the centrepiece of our layers, Danish apples are famous for the good taste they achieve due to the climatic conditions. The long warm days in ripening season, are replaced by cool and clear summer nights. Giving the characteristic succulence and well balanced mixture of sweetness and acidity. 

We distill in Cognac in a open flame Chartreuse, these stills has been used for centuries to produce the renowned liquid they are known all around the world for. It is part of a rich history of French craft and Danish perspective coming together. 

We were inspired, in part, by restaurant boom in Copenhagen, where French-trained Danish chefs have been making serious waves on the international culinary scene. We combine the way of foraging locally-sourced raw produce, and preparing them French style, with that insisting attention to detail and craftsmanship.

That stripped back aesthetic is what inspired us to our moniker: RAW GIN. It’s the down-to-earth, Danish way to say that it’s just gin. Unique botanicals sourced to match each other, go directly from the earth to the still; they leave as a gin that tastes unlike any other.

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