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Kristine Aaby

Kristine is seconded as an intern part time to the DKUK and will be assisting the Association over the next year until the end of July 2020. In particular, she will be handling any enquiries regarding Club Facilities.

She is 19 years old and comes from Aabybro in Northern Jutland, Denmark. She has just finished business college in Aalborg. Kristine moved to London to gain work experience and to interact with some interesting people. 

Kristine is a PIU-student which means she is also working as an administrative assistant for Corren Troen Law LLP and for Eikon Management Ltd besides her work for the DKUK during her year in London. 

Kristine’s primary task in the DKUK is to manage the members access to Club Quarters and other membership benefits. She takes requests for membership cards and issues them for the members. She can also give tours of the Club Quarters to the members who would like that.

After a year in London Kristine will go back to Denmark to study law.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kristine, if you have any inquiries regarding Club Quarters.

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