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Nordic Energy Connection

Nordic Energy Connection is in the business of cultivating a fertile stakeholder environment that can enable a sustainable and secure fossil free energy system.

Green transition and energy security through cross pollination….

A transforming energy system fuelled by an all-round green transition is driving growth and sustainable prosperity in the Nordic region, while playing a significant role in energy- and regional security.

The sectors involved make up a complex ecosystem of stakeholders and interests, a landscape ripe with opportunity.

The ‘cross pollination’ occurring across this ecosystem, through networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration, is what drives the innovation and initiative that is so defining of the current business climate 

Let me introduce you to this fruitful environment and help you navigate the national strategies for energy system transition, the landscape of cross sectoral stakeholders, and the multitude of interests at stake.

Nordic Energy Connection offers analysis of market trendsstrategic outreach and targeted stakeholder engagement

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