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Ole & Steen – Lagkagehuset

We’ve been serving Danes delicious breads and pastries, made by hand, for over 20 years, with recipes handed down from generations and always from the very best ingredients.

In 1991, Ole Kristoffersen opened a small bakery on a street corner in Christianshavn, a slightly bohemian neighbourhood in Copenhagen.  His intention was to create the finest breads and pastries possible, baked fresh every day by hand.  Within weeks, the bakery became known across Copenhagen for both the quality of its wares and for the warm welcome of Jane, who ran the shop. 

Around the same time, Steen Skallebaek was opening his own bakery, this time in Haderslev in Jutland.  His philosophy was much the same as Ole’s – create something really special and the customers will keep returning.  He did, so they did.

In 2008, Ole and Steen decided to join forces and since then their business has grown to a large family of local shops across Denmark. Each bakery is renowned locally for outstanding quality and also has its loyal collection of customers who pick up their bread daily.

They still do things the old way – expert bakers working all night and all day to ensure that every bakery gets the freshest, most delicious breads, pastries, sandwiches and cakes whatever time of day the customers arrive. 

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