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Orr Litchfield

Orr Litchfield help their clients succeed nationally and internationally

Streamlining the legal process

User friendly, accessible solutions for all of your legal issues. We work to maximise your commercial interests and minimise your business risks to build and secure long-term relationships, whilst providing value for money.

Orr Litchfield provides effective and efficient legal solutions for your business. 

Key features:

Dedicated, efficient and cost-effective

Orr Litchfield aim to provide pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective legal services, whilst maximising your commercial interests and minimising your business risks.

Easy yet secure file sharing for our clients

Private drag and drop real-time upload and easy file management, streamlining the legal process to minimise interaction time and delivery costs.

Building long-term relationships

We seek to build long-standing and meaningful relationships with our clients. We believe that there are clear benefits to having such relationships, in terms of our understanding of each client’s business, improved risk management and the efficiencies in time and cost that can flow as a result.

Member type
Corporate member
Contact details
Orr Litchfield Solicitors Limited
Ludgate House, 107-111 Fleet Street,
United Kingdom
Industry sectors
  • Legal
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