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FINALLY, a way to clean up sensitive files easily

Safe Online’s data discovery tool DataMapper allows you to clean up files, mails and images with sensitive data that otherwise tends to pile up. DataMapper is able to search through Microsoft’s Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint, local drives and other data locations where GDPR related sensitive information are stored. DataMapper uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to reduce the time spent searching through data.

DataMapper can be used by all your employees or an administrator who can scan the entire company’s data. After a scan, you will be presented with an overall overview of the data that are at risk of containing sensitive GDPR related information. 

A Danish SaaS Tech company that simplifies privacy management

Founded in 2017 in Denmark, Safe Online focuses on enhancing online privacy and protecting personal data. Their headquarters are situated in Copenhagen. Amongst Safe Online owners are a Danish bank and a firm of Danish solicitors. Safe Online specializes in crafting user-friendly SaaS tools that empower businesses to handle and to automate the handling of sensitive GDPR data.

At the core of Safe Online’s mission lies the goal of equipping individuals and companies with effective tools for the optimal management and secure sharing of personal data. Their objective is to transform privacy management from being a burdensome and daunting task into a competitive advantage.

How to get started

To start the process of the GDPR cleanup of your sensitive data, get in contact with our Senior GDPR Consultant Kim Bøgeskov Andersen at [email protected]. We also offer a free 45-minute demo of how DataMapper works, so you can see how easy it is to use. Click here to book a demo.

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