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Sia Ingemann Asmussen

Sia is a Danish student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Management at King’s College London.

She is born in Denmark but has lived abroad for 7 years, and is now based in London. At King’s College, Sia is Vice President of the Women in Business Society and King’s Student Ambassador.  

Sia is excited to be a part of the YP Council and collaborate with a group of talented individuals in London, with ties to Denmark. She hopes to both socially and professionally facilitate young professionals in forming connections through workshops and events with a focus on Private Equity.

“I am delighted to be part of the YP Council and excited to learn more about various sectors from the Council and take part in organising insightful events and help connect young, ambitious individuals.”

Alongside being part of the YP Council, Sia is a Student Helper at DKUK. She is incredibly excited to be part of the DKUK Team and to support its purpose of providing a community that connects individuals and fosters personal, cultural and business relationships.

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