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Simon Vilms Pedersen

Simon earned his PhD from the University of Southern Denmark and is currently a Research Associate at Imperial College London, working at the interface of AI, chemical profiling and diagnostics.

Simon Vilms Pedersen is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London in the Department of Materials and currently works at the interface of optics, diagnostics and AI. He earned his PhD from the University of Southern Denmark in 2020 and joined the DKUK shortly after.

Besides his work, Simon has a long-standing passion for sustainability and the green transition. He started his academic career measuring ammonia emissions from agriculture, working with atmospheric modelling, and developing biogas reactor models for biogas production in semi-periphery and periphery countries.

Simon is also a former vice-chair of the PhD Committee at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark and former co-chair of PAUSD.

Simon has spent many years and secondments abroad, particularly in Poland, USA and now the UK. In the YP council, Simon will leverage his international background and insights from academia to facilitate dialogue and integration of academia with the public and industry.

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