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Snoooze World

Snoooze World is a dynamic new company who focuses on products which enhances better sleep when travelling.

The new revolutionary Snoooze travel pillow was created by designer Ann Sjøgreen Sanger, who realised there was a demand for a proper pillow, specifically designed for travelling. The original ultimate Snoooze pillow has been developed with a unique zip feature, which makes it feel just like a down pillow, but without using animal products. It has been developed with leading a British manufacture, for top quality. It comes rolled up in a travel bag for easy transport and storage and it includes a 100% cotton pillowcase. 

The Mini Snoooze is the ultimate travel companion for the traveller with even less space in their hand luggage. 

The Snoooze pillows can be used in hotels, where the pillows are often too hard and uncomfortable (and unhygienic) and for planes and trains, festivals, inter railing etc. They give you a home comfort feeling, with the familiar scent and comfort that only your own pillow can offer. 

Snoooze World also offer additional products such as; coloured pillowcases, silk eye masks and silk pillowcases for a bit of extra luxury. Snoooze World sell products for the modern traveller who wants “Perfect Sleep Anywhere”

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