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Wots Hot®Energy

Wots Hot®Energy was founded in 2015 with the goal of advancing sustainable development internationally.

Affordable Eco-Housing

Wots Hot®Energy part of Wots Hot®Group of Companies design and build affordable eco-communities using sustainable techniques and locally sourced materials. We create high impact thriving modern communities leaving a legacy of education and places people want to live.

Aside from family, what nurtures us and protects us and provides the stable platform for everything we do in life?

Our home.

Wots Hot®Energy is a renewable energy and sustainable construction consultancy with thirty years’ experience and a close network of trusted partners covering all aspects of international development. 

We are a business existing to make a profit.

Wots Hot®Energy is the successful merging of sustainable development with ethical business practices.

We believe this is the model for all modern commerce, and if it isn’t, should be.

For information on Wots Hot®Energy opportunities for both small and large investors, please contact us here.

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