Mads is an intern at the DKUK and will be working for the Association over the next year until August 2019.

He is 25 years old and was born and raised in Aalborg, Denmark. He moved to Copenhagen three years ago to study and recieved his Bachelor of Science (B.S.c) in Economics & Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School just before he joined the DKUK. Mads is looking forward to gaining some international professional experience and to improve his network before his plan is to return to Copenhagen and take his Masters at Copenhagen Business School. 

He will be assisting and working closely with the Managing Director and Events Manager in all tasks.

Mads' responsibility is to give the membership and the association a profile across the network and the wider audience. This includes managing the association's member profiles on social media, the monthly newsletter, editing of the website, updating databases amongs others things. Furthermore, he will be participating in the daily work at the office, which includes both planning and executing events on a monthly basis. Lastly, he will be handling and responding to general queries along with contacting and reaching out to other member organisations.

Mads will be using his year to push his career ambitions towards an international career.  As such he is interested in any business network that can help further this. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Mads, if you have any queries.

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