If you had success with a connection or marketing activity, enjoyed an event, or just plain appreciate the value of belonging to the DKUK, we’d love you to tell everyone! Why not make it official and leave us a testimonial.

  • Dr. Stuart Thomson Head of Public Affairs, BDB Pitmans

    “Another fantastic Xmas lunch – thank you” (Ed: DKUK Christmas Lunch 2019, Banking Hall, London)

  • Carsten Amdi Jensen, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking, Danske Bank

    “Thank you team DKUK for arranging a great lunch and for good collaboration in 2019. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.” (Ed: DKUK Christmas Lunch 2019, Banking Hall, London)

  • Atam Sandhu, Chief Executive, DMA Invest Ltd

    “Thank you for last Friday’s incredible Christmas lunch. From the moment it started it was a euphoric experience. Superb fun, great location, great food and some really extraordinary people. Congratulations and thank you again for a great and unforgettable afternoon ....and some really fun gifts.” (Ed: DKUK Christmas Lunch 2019, Banking Hall, London)

  • Lone Hansen, Director of International Programmes and Relations, Aarhus Business College

    “Thank you for a great Christmas lunch. These lunches seem to get better and better every year. Henrik and his colleagues have done a tremendous job! It turned out to be a really fruitful day for us and we returned with a number of serious contacts to “work”.” (Ed: DKUK Christmas Lunch 2019, Banking Hall, London)

  • Tina Larsen, Director of Revenue Management, St. Ermins Hotel

    “Thank you for your email and thank you for a really nice event on Friday. We had a great time, and will be back next year.” (Ed: DKUK Christmas Lunch 2019, Banking Hall, London)

  • Ken Davey, Managing Director, Smarter Business Mentoring

    "Many thanks for hosting an excellent evening at the Greenwich Driving Range. The balance between using the range and enjoying a few beers seemed to work very well - 1 Bay for about 12 people I believe." ( Ed: DKUK Golf Driving Range Evening at Greenwich, November 2019)

  • Keith Gordon, Owner & Founder, Ashwell Jewellery

    "Congratulations on the first Golf Network event at Greenwich last night, a really enjoyable and fun night. Looking forward to the next one on January 23rd. Great idea and i would encourage anyone to come along and enjoy a fun night. Well done DKUK for another great event. " ( Ed: DKUK Golf Driving Range Evening at Greenwich, November 2019)

  • Carolyn Devon

    "As a relatively new attendee at events hosted by the Danish UK Association, I would be delighted to recommend the DKUK golf driving-range evening.    I attended this event with a friend who like me has never played golf before.    We had a really fun time learning how to hold a golf club and mingling with the more professional players, who were all very welcoming and patient with our lack of expertise!    We also had a great time at the Bar chatting to fellow members and chilling out.     The DKUK Association always come up with entertaining events which are original and a great way of relaxing after a hard day’s work.   I would certainly have no hesitation in spreading the word and encouraging anyone who would like to join this group for forthcoming events." ( Ed: DKUK Golf Driving Range Evening at Greenwich, November 2019)

  • David Sørensen

    “Probably the best choice for practicing golf in central London, combined with an opportunity to tap into a local network of golfers!” ( Ed: DKUK Golf Driving Range Evening at Greenwich, November 2019)

  • Jonas Helmy, Director, IBDS Europe Ltd

    "...Since you are one of the organizers, I thought I should say that Nordic Drinks is one of the best networking events in London." ( Ed: Nordic Drinks, October 2019 at Urban Greens)

  • Ilkka Raisanen, Member of the Board of Directors, The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development

    “…what a wonderful event - even Jurgen R. stayed longer than anticipated, obviously invigorated by such a lively discussion and inspiring moderator. Many thanks and congratulations for all organisers! “ ( Ed: Nordic Chamber Business Forum 2019  - pictures to be found in the Gallery)

  • Alec Egan, Business Development Executive, LID Business Media

    “Many thanks again for the invitation to last night’s Forum. It is great to be a part of a group that has so much good energy and willingness to move things in the right direction. I had really interesting conversations and I want to say that Danish-UK Association has a network of high calibre intelligent caring people and I very much enjoyed the event. “ ( Ed: Nordic Chamber Business Forum 2019  - pictures to be found in the Gallery)

  • Glenn Harris, Head of Origination, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading

    “Thank you all for a very enjoyable evening last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. “ ( Ed: Advisory Board Dinner 2019 – Palace of Westminister )

  • Baroness McIntosh of Pickering

    Thanks for a splendid evening in such marvellous ambiance. It was a wonderful occasion. Tak for en hyggelig aften... ( Ed: Annual Summer Reception 2019 )

  • Mark O'Reilly Team Humber Marine Alliance

    A very enjoyable event amongst key UK and Danish representatives across the whole energy spectrum. It was good to be able to participate in small discussion topics as well as listen to informed speakers about the latest thinking in the energy industry especially my area of interest Offshore Wind. In addition the lunch was very nice and the networking opportunities invaluable.  

  • Jens Anders Palmqvist

    The DUCC provides its members with a platform from which they can communicate and meet with customers and competitors alike. Its networking events are an effective professional relationship tool, attracting like-minded individuals to share and debate strategies, policy and ambitions. It exists uniquely to assist and nurture Danes both here and at home.

  • Isaac Sheps

    What really matters is what you learn after you know everything.” (John Wood)The networking opportunity provided by DUCC is fulfilling this need of continuous learning and gathering of information.Sometimes it may be just small talk but by meeting colleagues from other businesses and understanding their business valuable openings can occur."

  • Ken Fiddes

    At Vestas, we believe networking is a critical factor in fostering and building strong relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and the general business community. Vestas is a truly global organisation but we are proud of our Danish roots. We relish the opportunity to meet similar minded individuals and organisations from both the UK and Denmark, where we can share ideas and best practices within a relatively relaxed forum environment. The DUCC allows us excellent scope for communication with other members at informal events, organised meetings and online, helping us to strengthen our network and to make a positive contribution wherever possible.

  • Annette Niebuhr

    Networking is an essential and valuable part of our lives. It is the basis for our continuous personal development and the key to establish, maintain, and leverage our professional relations.The DUCC provides an excellent forum for its members to develop relationships of reciprocal value.

  • Rasmus Ankersen

    Business is all about connections and relationships, and through DUCC I've got introductions and contacts to people I wouldn't have been able to create myself. DUCC has made an effort to understand my needs and therefore been able to connect me with the right people.

  • Peter Alstrup

    The Chamber has enabled me to not only strengthen my network, but also has helped to expand my market intelligence

  • Kyrre Haugen

    The way DUCC organise the different events is really good and gives excellent value for money and more importantly a good return on investment I would highly recommend all businesses dealing with Denmark and Scandinavia to become a member of DUCC and to utilise the network and business opportunities they offer

  • Magnus Skaarup

    I am a member of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce because of its formal and informal networking opportunities. The contacts I have made and the relationships I have built have been invaluable to me both professionally and personally. I hope to continue being a member of the Chamber and to develop the full potential of my business

  • Ulrik J Walther

    Not only does the Danish UK Chamber provide me with opportunities to strengthen my network within Denmark, but it also gives me access to the much wider Nordic markets with 25 million consumers, a diverse range of export driven businesses, many of which are global leaders within their field and with a total stock market value in excess of $1.3 trillion. This makes the DUCC truly unique.

  • Jeff Rebello

    SAS sees that being an Advisory Board member of the DUCC is of great value in many ways, but most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to meet up with other members at DUCC events who are, in most cases, our most valued customers. What better way to engage with our customers first hand and find out how their experience with SAS has been.

  • Claus Hyldager

    Membership of the DUCC has given us the opportunity of getting to know a broad spectrum of Danish and other Nordic colleagues from a very diverse range of businesses here in the UK.Exchanging ideas and news with people from different sectors is both valuable and stimulating. Business is all about those you meet and work with, whatever their backgrounds, and we find the DUCC a very refreshing forum for such encounters.

  • David Thompson

    Gunnar and the team at the Danish-UK Chamber have provided us with invaluable business contacts through a diversity of events and networking opportunities and have always been on hand to encourage commercial interaction between members. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly value their efforts.

  • Peter Willems

    It was both educational and enjoyable to participate in DUCC's dinner with Merryck & Co. The event provided a valuable insight into a fascinating business and its unique proposition. Furthermore, the arrangement was well thought through and smoothly executed. Well done!

  • David Franks

    David Franks about the Annual Dinner 2012 - "A truly memorable evening. Fine wines, fine food, a stunning venue, and very fine company. A perfect evening for all.

  • David Franks

    As always Gunnar is the perfect gentleman. He is knowledgable and helpful. He is very aware of market trends and a great resource. Once again Gunnar and the team thank you for your help and support!

  • Anders Sander-Hansen

    Thank you for a great event! The topic, speakers, timing, content, venue, drinks, snacks, everything, was just right! Great job!

  • Ulla Vitting Madsen

    I thoroughly enjoyed the event Food, Music and a bath with Picasso. Fantastic energetic and passionate speakers - I left the event feeling very inspired!

  • Kim Erbo Christensen

    DUCC has proved to be an excellent  member organisation in order to establish relevant business contacts in the UK. DUCC is providing a high service level and is organizing some excellent events both from a network perspective and from a professional perspective.

  • Søren Lundsberg

    DUCC provides a unique opportunity to network across Danish and UK businesses, and at the same time the events they pull off during the year are always enjoyable. We continue to support DUCC because we would like to contribute to ensure that this forum continue to expand and improve.

  • Isabella Mann

    DUCC is a great partner for networking in an international business community. We have come across good opportunities through the one-to-one introductions, the regular events that they organise and their targeted approach to mixing established relationships with new.

  • Alessandro Lobbi

    Nordic Business Forum 2013 has been a great experience. It was the first DUCC event I attended. The choice of the location was amazing and the speakers very interesting. I would definitely join more of your events because I found it a high standard professional networking.

  • Victoria Stevenson

    Being a member of the DUCC allows you to network across professional establishments internationally on a more personal level in great locations. We are pleased to say that The Pelham has had other members stay in the hotel, and we continue to encourage this great relationship throughout the commerce.

  • Christine Hartshorne

    The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce are a very useful and important part of our business networking. The team are always very helpful and their connections are vast, making business opportunities exciting and relevant in stimulating growth, and supporting both the Danish and UK economies.

  • David Franks

    Summer Cocktail Reception 2013: I would expect nothing less from Gunnar and the team as always A Perfect Evening.

  • Michaela Christine Wolf

    The DUCC Summer Reception was an event, perfectly organised and hosted by Gunnar & the DUCC team. It was a great opportunity to network and do business with members. The introductions made were very relevant and shall hopefully result future business. I would like to thank the DUCC! Well done!

  • Tamar Meshoulam

    Thank you very much for the event (ed :SME-Club Business Coaching 09.07.2013). Jan's knowledge and vision brought immediate value. Presentation was clear and useful. I enjoyed meeting Jan and other members.

  • Christine Vu

    I enjoyed the seminar Business Coaching for managers(ed:SME-Club Business Coaching 09.07.2013), it gave ideas and inspiration of what opportunities are there to push forward your company. It was good with the elements of change management. Many thanks to the Pelham Hotel, it made the seminar even better with stunning surroundings.

  • Tamar Meshoulam

    Fantastic and well organised conference (ed: The Customer Experience & Loyalty Conference). Good mixer of speakers and a high quality of presentations. I learned new things (LEGO group) and I picked up few new tips (Woohoo, Inc.).I also had the chance to gain new business friends. Thanks Gunnar, Mia and the team for your team work.

  • Annemette Kjær-Nielsen

    Tak for en spændende konference i fredags (red: Customer Experience & Loyalty Konferencen). Der var mange interessante input og jeg vil bestemt dele mange af dem internt på Kunde & Co.Det var også spændende at høre Anne Sofie fortælle om jeres arbejde i The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce.

  • Jette Heldgaard

    Tak for en dejlig eftermiddag. Det var en meget fin planlagt julefrokost og jeg nød maden og det gode selskab.

  • Christine Vu

    Thanks for a great Christmas Lunch. It was lovely to eat Danish Christmas Lunch with rye bread ;-). It was nicely organised with gift games and raffle.

  • Jette Heldgaard

    DUCC and its members represent at fantastic network. People are eager to network and help each other, which creates a lot of opportunity. To me DUCC has been an amazing partner in 2013 and in the future I will try to contribute as much to the network as I have received of help, inspiration and contacts. I strongly recommend joining DUCC.

  • Chris Malyon

    A very good day as always (red: "The Christmas Lunch"), please reserve us a table for next year!

  • William Dalton

    A very worthwhile and enjoyable event (red: Return on networking) - many thanks.

  • Lawrence Cobain

    Thank you for yesterday’s event (red: Offshore Wind 2013) that I found very interesting, well organised and welcoming.

  • Jørgen Erik Andersen

    I did today participate in the “A practical introduction on how to increase export sales to the UK” hosted by Delacour, Aarhus.Must say it was very informative, and I did benefit participating in the session today. After the session I had meetings with EBS, and this gave a good introduction how to “start up” in the UK marked.

  • Mario Amato

    My wholehearted congratulations for a wonderfully enjoyable event yesterday evening at the Embassy.

  • Jesper Krogh Schlosser

    The Nordic Drinks Night at SKANDIUM was an amazing opportunity to network and meet so many different people representing a wide range of organisations... Thank you for a relevant, professional and fun event!

  • Fie Foghsgaard

    Awesome evening. well planned, great people and wonderful venue. Thank you!

  • Ida

    Thanks for another great Nordic Drinks night. Skandium was a great location!!

  • Bianca Wessel

    Invited as a guest by one of your members I attended my first monthly Nordic Drinks event by DUCC last night. Surrounded by fantastic Scandinavian design in Skandium I had a truly enjoyable time. From a warm welcome at the door to meeting exciting and new contacts in a relaxed and informal setting. I've already signed up for the next one.

  • Valentina Kristensen

    A really great evening meeting a diverse and interesting mix of professionals whilst enjoying delicious Danish food!

  • Dennis Englund

    Thanks to Gunnar and his team for pulling the full strength of the DUCC Network and enable a great cooperation between Bang&Olufsen and VisitDenmark.

  • Steen Olsen

    Having hosted the launch of "The Networking Book" by Simone Andersen and LID Publishing last night, I would like to thank Gunnar, Jan and the DUCC team for the introduction and help in making this event happen. It was great to have more than 80 people together from different walks of life participating in, and sharing something we spent a lot of time doing - networking.

  • Amrita Brard

    The DUCC events are always exceptional with many networking opportunities. We have benefited greatly from our membership at the DUCC and have developed many lasting business relationships. The recent event we co-hosted with them at Fritz Hansen was a tremendouns success!

  • Jes Lauritzen

    Many thanks for organising an entertaining network evening with Simone Andersen. It was very interesting and useful.

  • Martin Liu

    Gunnar and his colleagues have always been great friends of LID Publishing. Together, we have managed to create some very interesting book projects in English by Danish authors. We really appreciate this unique relationship.

  • Kieron Moore

    Gunnar & Team, A huge thank you for organizing a truly memorable evening at Birmingham Symphony Hall. The DUCC Reception provided a great opportunity to meet likeminded Nordic-ists and the 2-4-1 ticket offer for us to experience the Royal Danish Orchestra!

  • Simone Lemming Andersen

    I am very grateful and cannot thank DUCC - and especially Gunnar Larsen - enough for the help and responsiveness I have received. Without that part of my network, The Networking Book would never have been taken on by LID Publishing, would never have made it to the top of the British bestseller list and would never have been published worldwide. And without DUCC - LID Publishing and I would never have had a fantastic book launch at Fritz Hansen’s show room on 15 September. DUCC is the epitome of successful networking and belongs to the absolute elite of Britain because their network includes strong brands with active members who go for growth and want to help each other. But a network does not work automatically. It takes very strong facilitators and passionate characters to make a success - and that is where Gunnar, Jan and Maike are in a league of their own

  • Paula Bateman

    DUCC organised a work session on Corporate Storytelling & TV Documentaries. A good selection of participants from across business and a great panel from some of the UK's leading TV production companies. So glad I went along, I learnt a lot and made some great connections. Thanks you DUCC team, excellent event, look forward to the next one

  • Craig Hartwell

    The DUCC Nordic Drinks evenings always bring together an eclectic mix of people, and it seems that inevitably business is done and friends are made. Gunnar, Jan, Louis and the team help with introductions and ideas, and most importantly, it is fun!

  • Frederick Bjoern

    Thank you for another excellent DUCC Christmas Lunch. It was very well organised and the return to the unusual venue made it a most enjoyable occasion. It was also an ideal networking opportunity with diverse table plans to ensure varying topics of discussion during the meal, plenty of schnapps! and a good bar afterwards to circulate.

  • Nils Elmark

    Thank you for a wonderful gettogether at Bodo Schloss in the Austrian Alps. As always with the Nordic Drinks: A freindly crowd where you make new interesting connections with some outstanding people!

  • Karen Marie Sandgren

    Thanks to DUCC for yet another memorable Annual Dinner. A classy event in top notch company. Looking forward to the Summer drinks!

  • Anne Lange

    I went to Nordic Drinks and had an amazing time. So many great companies were present and the atmosphere was incredible. Thank you DUCC

  • Jette Heldgaard

    I attended the launch of the Human Capital and Organisational Development network (HCOD). An excellent network to present and discuss various themes and trends within HR. It was well organised and with interesting presentations. I will surely support this network in the future and I can highly recommend it to anyone who seeks an in interesting network and inspiration.

  • Domonique Rai-Varming

    On behalf of Jesper and I, thank you very much for organising such a great evening last night (ed: Annual Summer Reception 2016).  It was very special being in the House of Commons, and, as with all DUCC events, we met some very interesting people.

  • Georg Toufar

    Thanks so much for a great evening last night (Ed. Innovation in Biotech 2016, London). Speakers, breadth and openness to debate and mingling afterwards was second to none. A very welcome difference in format and style to the often industrial scale and transactional company conferences out there.

  • Jan Olsson

    Thank you very much for an excellent event (Ed: Innovation in Biotech 2016, London)We also appreciated working with all the sponsors under the leadership of the DUCC. An excellent experience.We at Deutsche Bank very much enjoyed hosting this event at our offices. The speakers and the moderator Maria Dahl were extraordinary. Lots of interesting companies and institutions attended the event which contributed to an excellent atmosphere in a very nice setting. The networking event and buffet dinner contributed to round off the event in a most thrilling way.Hopefully, this positive experience and event will lead to many further occasions to arrange similar events at our offices. Thank you to all the sponsors and participants to have contributed to a really high profile and interesting event.

  • Ólöf Jonsdottir

    Thanks for an excellent event last night too (Ed: “Britain out of EU” 25 Oct 2016) – it was particularly helpful for me to get the legal view and interesting to hear the perspective of the civil service as well. Plenty of food for thought!

  • Thomas Trautmann

    Another great success! (Ed: DUCC Christmas Lunch 2016)We all had a lovely day and enjoyed the food, drinks and atmosphere, despite not winning a single raffle prize!2017 noted but see you before!

  • Pooja Sharma

    Thanks a lot for a great lunch (Ed: DUCC Christmas Lunch 2016) + a fantastic seating with people of different relevant backgrounds and industries. And thanks for inviting SAS on stage.

  • Anne-Cécile Boin

    On behalf of all the team, I wanted to thank you for the Christmas lunch (Ed: DUCC Christmas Lunch 2016), such a great atmosphere and an amazing venue! We will think about you when we'll go for dinner at this Sushi place - Julie won at the raffle!

  • Martin Andersen

    Great x-mas event (Ed: DUCC Christmas Lunch 2016) with delicious food and fun traditions.The Banking Hall and 1 Lombard Street were good choice of venues in the historic  City of London.Just need the live band next time ;)

  • Ruth Hart-Leverton

    …thank you very much for a wonderful event (Ed: DUCC Christmas Lunch 2016) - I didn't think you could surpass last year's, but you did! We all had a very relaxed afternoon!

  • Ian Penistone

    “It was a pleasure to attend the Annual DUCC Gala Dinner last Thursday. What a splendid evening set in a remarkable building with some great entertainment supported with wonderful cuisine. The atmosphere was just right allowing the speakers to excel and entertain us.Well done to all concerned.”

  • Ruth Hart-Leverton

    “What a splendid evening (Ed: The DUCC Annual Gala Dinner 2017)! What a joy to dine in such incredible surroundings. The food, then entertainment and the company, it was lovey! Well done, I couldn’t fault it.”

  • Henrik Tuxen

    ”A very successful evening!! Thanks. (Ed: The DUCC Annual Gala Dinner 2017)

  • Alice

    Being a DUCC member means I rub shoulders with high-quality and relevant business contacts all the time.I can attend a rich variety of relevant and interesting business and social events and I always come away having met great people who are all keen to further business and commerce within the group.

  • Fredrik Carpelan

    Thank you for the event. It was well organized and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Danish Chamber of Commerce made me feel very welcome.I met some interesting people and established some business relationships, that might be useful for the future.I hope I can move to London soon, so I can participate these kind of events more often.(Ed: August Nordic Drinks at Ole & Steen 2017)

  • Tatiana Farcas

    Felt absolutely fantastic at Nordic Drinks evening. Amazing people and great location. Thank you! (Ed: August Nordic Drinks at Ole & Steen 2017)

  • Rodrigo Zanetti

    Once again it was an amazing evening. Thank you to everyone, specially to Simon that always make the guests feel so welcome. (Ed: September Nordic Drinks at Club Quarters 2017)

  • Alexandra Clark

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the DUCC Christmas lunch. It was a great way to enjoy a bit of 'home away from home' combined with high profile networking. Thank you Gunnar and the rest of you at DUCC for organising a great event!

  • Tim Hill

    I have just about recovered from last Friday’s lunch and wanted to say what an amazing party it was. Many congratulations. You know how to party. I had a very entertaining group of people on my table and met some really interesting business connections. Food, drink and setting all fantastic.Thank you very much.Happy Christmas.

  • Keith Gordan

    Another great night at a fabulous venue :) Great networking opportunities, we have made some really great contacts with the DUCC events and will defiantly be along next time.Thanks again for a really COOL night ! ( Ed: January Nordic Drinks at Ice Bar London 2018)

  • Robin Faraday

    I Had a wonderful time at the ice Bar. I did manage to network, though not nearly enough. Everyone was friendly and open. I highly recommend this fun business connection. Thank you DUCC and Ice bar. ( Ed: January Nordic Drinks at Ice Bar London 2018)

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